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What does the Fifa-Logo say about your soccer ball?

In 2016 Fifa improved the criteria for the quality seal on soccer balls. But what are the criteria and what do they mean?

The FIFA Quality Logo on a soccer ball means the ball passed tests in weight, scope, roundness, rebound, water absorbation, loss of pressure and preservation of shape and size.

If there is a FIFA Quality Pro Logo on the soccer ball the ball passed severe tests, for example Official Matchballs

If your ball has such a Fifa Emblem it is probably a better ball for matches and for training than a soccer ball without Fifa testing.

Some criteria for a Fifa approved soccer ball in size 5:

FIFA Siegel
The 3 possible Fifa-Icons for a soccer ball
scope 68cm - 70cm
weight 410g - 450g
pressure in 72h max. 25% pressure loss
rebound 125cm - 155cm from 2.0m at 20°C
roundness max. 1,8% deviation to perfect sphere

More about (Fifa.com)

Based on the code unter the icon you can see which balls are identical to each other:

404.A1M Telstar Top Replique
202.A1T/202.A1R Telstar Official Matchball
202.Y4O Champions League Final 13 and 14 Competition, Torfabrik 2013/14 Competition, Pro Ligue 1 2013/14 Competition, FEF 2013 Competition
202.A1M EU Qualifiers 2018, +Winter
202.W8S Brazuca, +Final, +Winter
202.A8J Jabulani, +Final, +Winter

Certified Balls (Fifa.com)

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