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How To Deflate A Soccer Ball

It often happens that the football is too hard or you go on holiday and the ball takes away too much space. One wonders how to get the air out of the ball and get it back in later.

What we need to deflate the ball is a ball pump or at least a ball needle. Now you have to screw off the ball needle from the pump and push the needle into the valve of the ball until the air comes out. If you have enough you just pull the needle out.

If you want to inflate the ball again, you screw the ball needle back into your ball pump or air pump. Now you put her back in the valve and start pumping. If you want to know how tightly such a football should be pumped up, look here. I do not recommend looking for alternatives to the ball needle, because a football valve is very sensitive and the replacement due to the lack of spare parts and tools expensive.

Tip: If you have a ball needle but no pump, go to the gas station! Most ball needles fit into the stations there to inflate air for cars. Make sure that you do not exceed a pressure of 1 bar (12psi)!

Written: 10.02.2017
Changed: 10.03.2019